Worldwide Passive Component Sales Grow 12% In June 2010 Quarter

Worldwide Passive Component Sales Grow 12%
In The June Quarter:
The top manufacturers of passive electronic components reported positive sequential revenue growth for the June 2010 quarter, leaving Paumanok Publications, Inc. to estimate that worldwide sales of capacitors, resistors and inductors increased by 12% in value on a quarter-to-quarter basis. Yageo, Kemet and Murata each reported the highest quarter-to-quarter growth rates at 15%, 14.5% and 14.4% respectively, followed by Vishay, TDK and Nippon Chemi-Con, each of which grew by 13% in the June quarter on a sequential basis. Companies such as AVX Corporation and Taiyo Yuden had sequential growth rates of 8% and 4% respectively. Overall an additional $600 million in revenue flowed into the passive component industry in the June quarter, resulting in approximately $5,800 million in worldwide passive component revenue.

September 2010 Quarterly Outlook For Passive Components:

Based upon the extended lead-times for passive components and the slowly rising costs of key raw materials; coupled with the outlook provided by three top vendors, it is estimated that the September quarter will grow by about 5% sequentially. Murata leads the field in terms of forecasts, expecting 10% revenue growth in the September quarter due to increased demand from the consumer AV and computer markets. Vishay expects growth of somewhere between 0% and 6% for the quarter, while Littelfuse expects growth to be anywhere between -1% to 4% on a sequential basis. Historically, the September quarter is the most robust of the year as the customers build product for the holiday buying season. The December quarter usually shows a decline, and we expect the market to follow this pattern for 2010.

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