World Economic Forum Survey Cites Super Capacitors As Top Technology Trend For The Future

At the Summit on the Global Agenda 2011 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, hosted on October 11 and 12th 2011-the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies asked some of the world’s leading minds within the entire GAC Network which technology trends would have the greatest impact on the state of the world in the near future. For the fourth consecutive year, over 700 members of the Network of Global Agenda gathered at the Summit to address over 70 areas, and comprise the most relevant experts from academia, business, civil society and government.  The results of this survey were published on February 15th in the World Economic Forum’s Blog. Item number 8 illustrated here notes “High energy density power systems”, including “supercapacitors”

8. High energy density power systems-“Better batteries are essential if the next generation of clean energy technologies are to be realized. A number of emerging technologies are coming together to lay the foundation for advanced electrical energy storage and use, including the development of nanostructured electrodes, solid electrolysis and rapid-power delivery from novel supercapacitors based on carbon-based nanomaterials. These technologies will provide the energy density and power needed to supercharge the next generation of clean energy technologies.”