Vishay-ESTA Extends HDMKP Range of Heavy Duty Power Capacitors

Vishay-ESTA has extended its ESTA HDMKP range of heavy-duty capacitors for power electronics with new capacitance and packaging options. DMKP capacitors are available in six standard voltages from 900 V to 2700 V d.c.  Previously offering capacitance values from 40 μF to 1100 μF, the series has now been extended to offer capacitance values up to 2235 μF, with a capacitance tolerance of ±5%.

The capacitors are aimed at DC and AC filtering and DC linking applications in power converters for uninterruptible power supplies, wind turbines, and in power converters for traction and industrial drives. They will also serve as impulse discharge capacitors for magnetising and welding.

The metallised-film HDMKP capacitors feature current ratings as high as 150 A, high impulse current of up to 25 kA, and low self-inductance
of less than 70 nH. They also offer low losses at high frequencies, low ESR, and high resistance to the effects of shock and vibration for high reliability and life expectancy in rugged environments.