Top Capacitor Factory Suffers Serious Storm Damage

(Jiangmen, China) Panasonic Electronic Devices (Jiangmen) Company Limited (PEDJM) located in Xinhui, Jiangmen City in Guandong China was seriously damaged on April 29th 2012 during a storm, (which local news sources described as producing a tornado) which damaged the roof of the factory and caused some of the production lines to stop. No factory personnel were injured in the storm.

The factory is a major global producer of plastic film capacitors, including the following items-

  • Standard Metalized Film Capacitors: ECQ-E, ECW-F, ECW-H Series
  • Standard Stacked Metalized Film Capacitors: ECQ-V Series
  • Noise Suppression Capacitors: ECQ-U, ECQ-J Series
  • Dry type AC Film Capacitor (for small type compressors or motors)
  • Oil Filled Type AC Film Capacitors(for medium or large compressors, medium or large motors)

A spokesperson for Panasonic interviewed for this story noted that the company immediately began the disaster recovery actions necessary to restart production at the factory right after the damage was realized.  The spokesperson also noted that additional information regarding when full production will be attained will be provided when a final assessment of the damage is completed.  The company also noted that updated lead times for their customers will be published in the near future.  The factory is a key plant supplying the global market with motor capacitors consumed in air conditioner and refrigerator motors, interference suppression capacitors for line voltage equipment, including power supplies and lighting ballasts, and standardized DC film capacitors consumed for power smoothing in consumer audio and video imaging devices.

Information for this story came from a Panasonic Spokesperson and a press release posted on the TTI website.