The Price for #44 on The Periodic Table Just Skyrocketed…Here’s Why…

Paumanok Publications, Inc, Industrial market research (Cary NC USA) is tracking a 68% increase in the price of #44 on the periodic table.  The element, which is a metal, has an atomic mass of 101.07; a melting point of 2250 degrees C, a density of 12.2 grams per cc; and has one primary application in the high-tech economy…

The metal is ruthenium and its primary use is as a

resistive layer that is screen printed on the thick film chip resistors, resistor networks, and resistor arrays.  The thick film chip resistor market has demonstrated remarkable increases in lead times between December 2016 and April 2017 because of a lack of global capacity to produce chips in the wake of a remarkable slowdown in smartphone unit sales, and two consecutive years of declines in unit output of computers.

The reader should take note of this connection and other connections made by Paumanok during its 30 years of focused research on electronic components and electronic materials.  Read about this and more in these market studies from Paumanok Publications, Inc.



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