TDK-EP Reports June 2010 Quarterly Sales Up 14%

Total sales for TDK-EP increased from 135 billion yen in the March 2010 quarter to 153 billion yen in the June 2010 quarter – a sequential increase of 14%.

TDK has modified the way it reports their Passive Component revenues by product grouping to incorporate EPCOS AG (Acquisition) into the business.The TDK-EP Passive Component Segment includes (1) Capacitors {Primarily TDK MLCC Business coupled with EPCOS Plastic film capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitor business worldwide) (2) Inductors {Which includes TDK’s and EPCOS combined inductive device sales} and (3) Other Components (Which includes combined ESD and sensor businesses of both TDK and EPCOS and includes such products as PZT Actuators, NTC and PTC Thermistors, High Q components and Metal Oxide Varistors).

Passive Component Sales at TDK-EP totaled 105 billion yen in the June quarter, of which capacitors totaled 38 billion yen. Inductive device sales totaled 32.5 billion yen in the June quarter, while other components totaled an additional 35 billion yen. Total sales were up about 14.5% between the March and June quarters in the Passive Component Group Segment.

For FY 2011 TDK has committed to continue its cost savings initiated in FY 2009 and 2010, which includes the consolidation of eight overseas MLCC packaging facilities down to four. The company noted that two facilities were consolidated in the June quarter and two more will be consolidated in the September quarter. The company is also constructing a beck-end MLCC process in Chang An China. The company also plans to increase cost savings by sourcing more ceramic dielectric materials produced in-house instead of buying formulations from the merchant market.

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