TDK Corporation: EPCOS Merger Scheduled For Completion By October 2009

Total company sales decreased from 866 billion yen to 727 billion yen between FY 2008 and FY 2009 (a 16% decline). The 2010 FY outlook is for a 2.6% growth rate to 746 billion yen. In FY 2010 the company will merge the components business of EPCOS with the Components business of TDK to form TDK EP, the largest passive component manufacturer in the world (this is scheduled for completion by October 2009).

The company currently breaks their business into these categories- Electronic Materials Group (20% of total revenues- or 145 billion yen in FY 2009 Sales); Electronic Devices; (23% of revenues and 166 billion yen in sales); Recording devices (34% of sales, and 247 billion ); Other Devices at 14.5% of revenues and 106 billion yen in sales) and EPCOS at 68 billion Yen and 9% of revenues.

Ceramic Capacitor sales will total 95 billion yen in 2009 down from 144 billion yen in 2008 – a 34% year-over-year decline. The outlook for 2010 is continued decline in value of 20% to 76 billion yen.

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