Talison Not To Re-Open Tantalite Mines In Australia Until Certain Criteria Are Met

Talison will not re-open its massive tantalite mines in Australia until certain criteria are met regarding pricing and the establishment of long-term contractual agreements with customers. According to an article published in June by Reuters- Talison Tantalum was considering restarting its Wodgina mine (formerly the world’s top producer of
tantalite) in mid- 2 0 1 1 o n expectations of higher demand and rising prices, however, in an interview with Passive Component Industry Magazine LLC on June 23, 2010, Talison spokesperson Bryan Ellis noted that the actual reopening date of the Australian tantalite mines was dependent upon the establishment of long-term
contracts with materials processors at a price that guarantees longevity of the business. Mr. Ellis also noted that they were re-evaluating potential extraction from the Greenbushes site in addition to the Wodgina site; and that no final decisions had been made as to where they would source tantalite and when they would begin extraction
operations. Mr. Ellis further noted that the company was still in the information gathering stage and noted that their current relationship with a third party miner conducting iron ore extraction at the Wodgina location was generating enough cash for the company to keep the business operational without having to extract tantalite from either Wodgina or Greenbushes.

View of One of Talison's Two Open Pit Tantalite Mines in Australia- The Largest Tantalite Assets in the World

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