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Capacitors and Inductor Lead-Times Up; Resistors Down Through October 2010

Lead-Times For Passive Electronic Components By Core Product Group (Capacitor, Resistor, Inductor): March To October 2010; Plotting The Components Shortage

Passive Electronic Component Lead-Time Index Declines For The First Time In 2010.

capacitor, resistor, inductor, lead-times, lead times as of October 25th 2010

Many Specific Types of Passive Components Still Difficult To Come By In 4th Quarter: 2010

A drop in lead-times for thick film chip resistors and wirewound resistors in September, was offset by an increase in lead-times for DC film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, throughole inductors,…

Vishay Capacitor Sales Grow 13% Sequentially In June 2010 Quarter

Capacitor sales at Vishay totaled $133 million USD in the quarter ending July 3, 2010, which is up by 13% from the $118 million in capacitor sales reported for the…

Worldwide Passive Component Sales Grow 12% In June 2010 Quarter

Worldwide Passive Component Sales Grow 12% In The June Quarter: The top manufacturers of passive electronic components reported positive sequential revenue growth for the June 2010 quarter, leaving Paumanok Publications,…

Yageo Reports Net Sales Up 15% Sequentially In June 2010 Quarter; 61% Year-On-Year

Yageo Corporation of Taiwan is a major manufacturer of thick film chip resistors and MLCC. The company
reported 15% growth in the June 2010 quarter compared to the March quarter. Year-on-Year sales were up 61%
©Paumanok Publications, Inc. From Yageo..

Yageo Reports Historical High May 2010 Sales of NT$ 2,445 million

Thanks to the implementation of sophisticated sales strategies and continuous strong end market demand, Yageo Corporation announced June 7th its worldwide May net sales posted NT$2,445 million, up 1.7% m-o-m…

Top Capacitor Vendors Show Mixed Results In March 2010 Quarter

Year-over-year revenue growth in the global capacitor industry averaged 43.85% for the quarter ending March 2010, compared to the same quarter in March 2009. Leading the pack in year-over-year revenue…

Yageo Reports 68% Increase in Year-On-Year First Quarter 2010 Sales

Yageo Corporation (TAIEX: 2327 TW) announced April 13th its first quarter net sales of NT$ 6,270 million, up 68% y-o-y and 15% q-o-q. Gross margin continued to rise to 26.9%,…

Walsin Technology Corporation Reports February Sales of NT$ 2.709 Billion

Walsin Technology Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of passive electronic components, including MLCC and Chip resistor, reported February 2010 sales of NT$ 2.709 billion, which is an increase…

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