Supercapacitor Market Report Outlines 60 Year Corporate Development

A new market research report on the global markets for carbon and hybrid supercapacitors shows the corporate development for double layer carbon supercapacitor technology from 1953 to 1960, and includes pioneering companies who first developed the technology, early settlers who advanced the technology; and current vendors who have built a global supercapacitor corporate community (See Figure 1.1).  The report entitled — Supercapacitors, World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2013-2013 covers the global market for carbon and hybrid supercapacitors with forecasts to 2018.  The report addresses global supercapacitor demand by configuration (coin cell, radial, flatpack/SMD; screw terminal, snap-mount and module assembly); global value of supercapacitor demand by end-use market segment in transportation, consumer AV, renewable energy, professional electronics and infrastructure markets worldwide. The value of demand is also estimated based upon circuit application (Memory protection, energy recoup, actuated power and UPS system).  Global consumption is estimated by world region in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas, and supercapacitor point of sale analysis is also given for Japan, USA, China, Korea, Europe and Israel.  Supercapacitor costs to produce are addressed, as are the corresponding markets for carbon materials, cans/sleeves, electrolytes, end seals, separator materials, electrode tab materials and lugs and lead wires.  A competitive analysis is also given that addresses the activities of 40 companies in supercapacitors globally and offers complete assessment of worldwide sales and market shares.  Forecasts are given based upon the value of consumption by supercapacitor type to 2018, the volume of small can and large can cell consumption to 2018, and the average unit selling prices for small can and large can supercapacitor cell consumption to 2018.  Forecasts are also given for supercapacitors based upon consumption by world region and end-use market segment to 2018.  Price: $1500.00 USD, Pages 71, Tables 28, ISBN #:0-929717-60-0 (2013) Published May 20, 2013.

Figure 1.1: Supercapacitor Market Development: 1953-2013