Samsung Electro-Mechanical: Outperforms In MLCC

Samsung continues to outperform the global passive electronic components market, showing only a slight downturn in comparison to its rivals in 2009-with an estimated 3% overall decline in quarter-to- quarter revenues brought on by a dismal January and February 2009 (Bouncing back in March). The company performed exceptionally well in all phases of operation compared to other vendors through December 2008; however, subsequently, loss of component sales volumes in the HDI business unit (down 21% quarter to quarter), and the CDS Business Unit (down 16% quarter to quarter) in January and February had a negative impact on revenues for the March quarter. The company has invested heavily in high capacitance MLCC solutions and it is now paying off in a bad economy. The low value of the won to the yen in 1Q 2009 continued to make price quotes from SEMCO much lower than that of the Japanese and the Chinese MLCC firms. The company continued to outperform in MLCC in the first quarter of 2009 (ending March for SEMCO), with revenues at 214 billion won; up 12.1 % quarter to quarter and 36% year over year. The company is on a run rate to sell 900 billion Won worth of MLCC in CY 2009.

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