Passive Electronic Component Lead-Time Index Declines For The First Time In 2010.

Lead-times for passive components, or the time measured in weeks for a factory to ship capacitors, resistors and inductors to the customer, decreased for the first time in October 2010 by 1.45% on a month-to-month basis (Graph 1.1). Each month since March (when PCI began publishing this chart) the index has increased- therefore the decrease in lead times marks a change in the market conditions- a slow down in net new demand for components.

Graph 1.1 30 Day Average Lead-Time in Weeks For Passive Electronic Components, Including Capacitors, Resistors and Inductors Combined. Paumanok Publications, Inc.

Time for Capacitor, Resistor and Inductor Components To Reach The Buyer

Lead Time Chart in Weeks for Passive Electronic Components: March-Oct 2010

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