Passive Component Industry Magazine: Media Planning Guide

eMagazine Vision Statement:
To provide the most current, accurate and in-depth market coverage of the worldwide passive electronic component industry.

Magazine Coverage:
Passive Component Industry (PCI) eMag is dedicated to providing accurate business intelligence on the global supply chain for capacitors, resistors, inductors, and circuit protection components. PCI Magazine, along with its parent company- Paumanok Publications IMR and its business partner- The Electronic Components Association (ECA), have continually supplied market intelligence and business coverage on the worldwide passive component supply chain since 1988.

Circulation Summary:
The magazine was converted to WordPress (100% Online) version in November 2010. The magazine currently receives 2,000 individual page hits per month according to Google Analytics. The magazine is “pushed” to our circulation list of 6,200 subscribers worldwide via Constant Contact, and to an additional 750 professional contacts in our Linked In network.
We believe that our mailing list is the most accurate in the world in terms of a complete contact list of key decision makers in each segment of the supply chain. We estimate we have 90% coverage of all companies in the passive component supply chain worldwide in our email system.

In 2009 we conducted a readership survey of our subscriber base via our 6,200 active subscribers on Constant Contact and the results of that survey are shown below: Each of the 6,200 readers of Passive Component Industry eMagazine were asked to provide their primary area of interest within the passive component industry upon subscription.

The majority of readers noted that their primary interest was in the capacitor market (49%), followed by raw materials and process equipment (26%), Resistors and Circuit Protection components (14%) and inductors (11%).

Capacitors (49% of Readers Surveyed):
Readers of Passive Component Industry eMagazine who noted they were interested in the capacitor marketplace, were primarily focused on the ceramic capacitor market, with emphasis on multilayered designs, or single layered ceramic capacitors for high voltage or high frequency applications. Readers of passive Passive Component Industry eMagazine are also interested in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors, polypropylene capacitors and polyester capacitors. Some readers have an interest in EDLC supercapacitors, niobium capacitors, integrated passive devices and other emerging product markets.

Raw Materials and Process Equipment (26% of Readers Surveyed):
Vendors of engineered raw materials consumed during the production of passive electronic components represents the next largest group of readers of Passive Component Industry eMagazine.. The largest sub-category is in ceramic dielectric materials, with emphasis upon barium titanate and formulated dielectrics (such as X7R, X5R, COG and Y5V materials) and would include companies selling precursors such as titanium dioxide and barium salts and compounds. Other large readership groups within the raw material market include electrode and termination materials, conductive polymers, tantalite and tantalum metal powder and tantalum wire; as well as etched anode and cathode foils, and thin, metallized OPP and PET films.

Resistors and Circuit Protection Components: (14% of Readers Surveyed):

Manufacturers of linear resistors, non-linear resistors and circuit protection components make up 14% of Passive Component Industry eMagazine readership. The primary products produced by these vendors are ruthenium-based thick film chip resistors, quad and octel arrays; dual-in-line and single-in-line resistor networks; and throughole resistors, including nichrome metal film, wirewound, tin-oxide and carbon based resistors. Components used for circuit protection applications are also included here and would include metal oxide varistors, NTC and PTC thermistors, electrical and electronic fuses and silicon based surge components such as the TVS diode and the thyristor.

Inductors: (11% of Readers Surveyed):
Approximately 11% of our readers have indicated that their primary interest is in inductive components, with emphasis upon multilayered chip inductors, ferrite beads and bead arrays; ferrite cores, and wirewound power chip inductors.

Rate Card and Mechanical Specs:
Passive Component Industry offers advertisers the opportunity to reach the passive component marketplace in targeted readership numbers not offered by any other publication.

Different Options To Suit Different Needs and Different Budgets

Masthead Advertising:
This revolving ad has premier visibility on the new Passive Component Industry eMagazine website. It is seen on all current and archived pages. The requested ad size is 468 x 60 pixels. Prices are $1,000 for 30 days, or $10,380 for the year.

Right Panel Advertising:
Four revolving ads are contained in the right panel on the new Passive Component Industry eMagazine website. It is seen on all current and archived pages. The requested ad size is 125 x 125 pixels. Prices are $500 for 30 days, or $4,920 for the year.

Buyers Guide Preferred Listing:
While a listing in the new Passive Component Industry eMagazine online “Buyer’s Guide” is free, a preferred listing with 750 words of text, logo upload and direct link costs $399.00 per year, per listing.

Direct Mail Campaign:
Passive Component Industry eMagazine offers its email list for rent in excel or CSV format, and also offers a custom email campaign service through our partnership with Constant Contact® and Linked In®. For prices, please call (919) 468-0384

Passive Component Industry eMagazine offers custom survey services through Constant Contact® and Linked In®. Surveys can be targeted to very specific segments of the market and are very effective tools for future planning.

For prices, please call (919) 468-0384, or email us at- or fax your request to (919) 468-0386.