Panasonic Electronic Devices To Cease Aluminum Capacitor Production in Tennessee

Panasonic Electronic Devices is moving production of speakers and capacitors to other plants, cutting about 90 jobs at its Forks of the River location outside of Knoxville, Tennessee USA. Panasonic currently produces assembled speakers, snap-in type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and anode foil for capacitors at Forks of the River. The speaker production is moving to Reynosa, Mexico. The capacitor production is moving to their existing capacitor production plant in Malaysia. Assistant General Manager of General Affairs Clark Brandon said the speaker plant move is a consolidation into one production facility. Brandon said the capacitor plant move is due to the bulk of the company’s customer base being in southeast Asia. The design and program management teams are set to stay in Knoxville. The Forks of the River facility will lose about 90 of the remaining 170 employees. In 2002, there were 725 Panasonic employees at Forks of the River. A capacitor foil etching operation will remain in Knoxville, along with speaker engineering, program management and marketing. The company will use Department of Labor funds to help with job training and placement for displaced workers.

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