Raw Material Index: Prices for All Prime Materials in the Passive Component Index Increase Rapidly in 60 days…October 2010

Prices for raw materials consumed in passive components increased by a large 20% in September (month-to-month) and by an additional 3% in October 2010. Prices have returned to just shy of their April 2010 high. Prices for all the critical materials jumped up sharply in September and October (accept for ruthenium- the PGM metal consumed in thick film resistors). Large price increases have been reported for tantalite, which is now at an estimated $120 per pound worldwide (up from $47 in January 2010), nickel; copper, aluminum, zinc, palladium, oil (for plastics used in film capacitors) and silver.

Raw Material Index Oct 2010
Source: ©2010 Paumanok Publications, Derived from The London Metal Exchange and eBullion. Tantalite is estimated based upon primary interviews with those actually buying the metal and is consistent with a price per pound from Brazil without freight charges applied. See Graph Below for visual interpretation of table.

Prices in USD for Key Raw Materials Consumed in Capacitors, Resistors, Inductors and Circuit Protection Components Worldwide

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