Many Specific Types of Passive Components Still Difficult To Come By In 4th Quarter: 2010

A drop in lead-times for thick film chip resistors and wirewound resistors in September, was offset by an increase in lead-times for DC film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, throughole inductors, resistor networks, MLCC and thin film chip resistors in the month of September 2010. For the first time, lead times for tantalum capacitors (which remain the most difficult component to obtain) remained unchanged (at a remarkable 34.6 week average lead time), as other component lead-times, including nickel-chromium resistors, wirewound chip coil inductors, carbon film resistors, metal oxide film resistors and ferrite beads remained unchanged on a month-to-month basis (Table 1.1).

Table 1.1: Passive Electronic Components By Type: Changes in Lead Times by Month in 2010 (Measured in Weeks).
Lead-Times Excel Oct 2010 web

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