LORD Corporation Expands Electronic Materials Laboratories, R&D Center

CARY, NC—LORD Corporation, a supplier of thermal management materials, adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants to the electronics industry, has announced a $2.5 million renovation to its electronic materials labs in Cary, N.C. According to John Hill, Technology Manager for LORD
Corporation’s Electronic Boards and Components Industry Group, the expansion, which includes not only
additional physical space but also new equipment, allows LORD to increase their capabilities for technology development including live device reliability testing on individual packages. As part of the expansion, LORD consolidated labs previously located in Elverson, Pa., and Indianapolis, Ind. with their Cary location. The expansion includes roughly 7500 square feet of new or refurbished lab space and more than $600,000 in newly installed instruments and equipment. Examples of new instruments include a Sonix fusion scanning acoustic microscope, Yestech YTX 3000 x-ray, and a Keyence 5000X digital microscope. “As a speciality chemical company active in the electronics marketplace since 1961, LORD has distinguished itself through chemical flexibility and system design by offering comprehensive solutions in multiple chemistries,” said Hill. “By consolidating our operations and expanding our tools and development space, we’ll be able to leverage all of our resources and provide more rapid solution development from specialty resin synthesis through custom process design.” The expansion also includes the purchase of the latest in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to accelerate the development of new products. According to Dave Zoba, LORD Staff Scientist, Electronic Materials Research, the use of FEA modeling provides a better understanding of how a product will perform before the final package is constructed. George Sears, LORD Electronic Materials Product Development Manager, stated that the consolidation and new equipment will further allow LORD to meet the industry’s need of ever-increasing performance standards. “This enormous commitment of people, space, equipment and resources will result in better synthesis of raw materials and cellular analysis,” said Sears. “LORD does not offer one-size fits all solutions. Rather, we provide unique, value-added solutions to customers’ requirements.”