Look To August 2017 for Oil & Gas Electronics Markets To Start Turning Around

“Today, the oil & gas industry continues to be on the forefront of technology design, with unique requirements for tools and their supportive components, and apparently in 2017, a good read of the speeches to Wall Street for the major vendors in the space, those selling tens of billions worth of oilfield electronics and related services, the future will have a greater reliance on technology as a “symptom of the recent global market rationalization.” As we have seen similar events occur in other industries but we see the opportunity in oil & gas for the market to also gradually begin to turn around in August 2017 when inventories are depleted and net new demand is required. After five year’s time the market should return to its former self and demand for electronics would have grown at a faster rate than normal recovery because of a greater reliance on technology over personnel.”Excerpt from – Capacitor Markets in The Oil & Gas Electronics Industry: 2017-2022 ISBN # 1-893211-90-8 (OGCAP2017)