Linear Resistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2016-2021 ISBN# 1-89-3211-38-X (LR2016)

This market study from Paumanok Publications, Inc. is a detailed global market analysis for linear resistors and their respective sub-categories. The market study includes a deep dive analysis on the global market for chip resistors, multichip resistor arrays, SIP and DIP resistor networks; wirewound resistors, nichrome resistors, tin-oxide resistors, carbon film resistors, and bulk metal foil resistors. The study begins with a technology overview that describes each of the resistor types; and then focuses on global markets, including a current market assessment; a historical analysis and a long term forecast from FY 2016 to FY 2021. The study looks closely at the financial reporting of key vendors in the global resistor trade to support its conclusions regarding the value and volume of demand and global pricing trends and directions. The study also publishes lead-time trends for all the major resistor products and their sub-categories, and breaks down the global value and volume of demand linear resistors by type and sub-category from a historical, current and future market outlook perspective. The study addresses global markets for linear resistors by end-use market segment and breaks down demand into commercial, professional, value-added and application specific end-use market categories, with key assessments of key end products for surface mount and through-hole resistors. The study also shows the global value of consumption for linear resistors by world region and key country within region. A detailed competitive analysis is also given, as is global market share data for linear resistors by world region. Global market forecasts are given in terms of value, volume and pricing for each resistor product by type and sub-category for each year to 2021. ISBN# 1-89-3211-38-X (LR2016); Published September 1, 2016; 245 Pages and 54 Charts & Graphs; $2,750.00 USD.


Table of Contents:

1.0 TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW AND ANALYSIS- 7 Linear Resistor Sub-categories


3.0 Resistor Markets By Sub-Type: 2016-2021

4.0 END-USE MARKETS – 7 Major End-Markets

5.0 WORLD REGIONS: – 3 Regions- 15 Major Markets

6.0 COMPETITION AND MARKET SHARES: 6 Market Share Breakdowns

7.0 FIVE-YEAR FORECASTS: value, volume and pricing by component type

8.0 PRODUCER PROFILES: 69 Vendors of Linear resistors

9.0 Market Strategies For Resistor Manufacturers: 2017

10.0 Linear Resistors: Raw Material Supply Chain Review:

11.0 Linear Resistors: Lead-Time Update: 4 sub-categories and 20 linear resistors by type and case size