Laser Tek Taiwan Co. Ltd, Supporting Smartphone and Tablet Growth in 2012

Laser Tek Taiwan Co. Ltd (Chairman Gary Cheng) supplies materials and equipment (including laser trimmers and cutting machines) used in the production of chip resistors.  With increasing demand for miniaturized package sizes (0201 and 01005) in smartphones and tablets and the associated increase in demand for functionality in these devices, Laser Tek is well positioned to provide needed technology and grow their sales for the year.

Sales growth for Laser Tek is expected to be on the order of 20% as chip resistor companies increase production to meet increasing demand.  Laser Tek supplies equipment to companies in Japan, Korea and China.  Laser Tek also supplies SMD Packaging Materials, SMT Equipment, Laser Equipment, LED Tapping machine, IS services and LED Lamps.

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Note: Image from Laser Tek website