Littelfuse invests $10.5M in Shocking Technologies

Littelfuse (NASDAQ:LFUS), a manufacturer of circuit protection products, contributed additional investment in Shocking Technologies, Inc. to develop Voltage Switchable Dielectric ™ VSD ™ material.  The XStatic ™ material is compromised of a polymer nano-composite to protect products from electrostatic discharge (ESD).   Shocking Technologies has raised over $60 million in investment capital.

“XStatic™, can be applied to PCB and package substrates, and coupled with Shocking’s advanced design and simulation technologies provides the industry’s only embedded solution capable of up to 100% protection against ESD. The ease of implementation and comprehensive coverage of the XStatic solution also lowers development time and costs and reduces product design size by eliminating less effective components traditionally used to protect devices against ESD effects.”   – Shocking Technologies, Inc. description of XStatic


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