Identifying New Tantalum Resources: 2012

The following table illustrates all the new tantalum deposits that have been identified in the world over the past two years, including those that have been previously identified in preceding years. What this table illustrates is that as tantalum raw material prices increased, the amount of prospecting for the metal also increased.  This is one of the key findings of the newly released report entitled “Tantalum: World Market Outlook: 2012-2017.


Owner of The Deposit (Part One) Deposit Name Deposit Location Estimated Quantity of Tantalum Notes
Alkane Resources (ASX:ALK) Dubbo Zirconium NSW, AUSTRALIA .03% Ta205 (Very small) Mine contains zirconia, hafnium, niobium, tantalum and other REE
Altura Mining (Haddintgon) Finniss Range Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA Unknown Drilling of the 7 Up prospect which is planned for 2012.
Atomic Minerals Directive Satpuda-Gondwana Sarguja belt, INDIA UNKNOWN Active search for tantalum and niobium
Avalon Rare Metals The Nechalacho deposit Thor Lake, Mackenzie MD, NWT, CANADA O.04% TANTALUM? Significant yttrium, tantalum0.04% , niobium, gallium and zirconium
Commerce Resources Corp. (TSX.V. CCE) Blue River Tantalum Project Upper Fir Property, Kamloops, BC CANADA 195 PPM Ta205 1.3 Million Pounds of Ta205 inferred
Critical Elements Corporation (CA: CRE) Rose lithium-tantalum Quebec, CANADA 163 Ppm Ta205 This site has been surveyed
Critical Elements Corporation (CA: CRE) Rocky Mountains, BC Rocky Mountains, BC CANADA Unknown This site is mentioned in the company literature
Endurance Gold Corporation (TSXV:EDG) Bandito Property 155 kilometres east of Watson Lake, YUKON <54 PPM Ta205 This is primarily a niobium deposit
Eramet (With Maboumine/Comilog) Mabounie Deposit Mabounie, GABON Unknown Rare Earths, Niobium and Tantalum (2018 – 2010 Schedule)
Gippsland Limited (ASE: GIP) Abu Dabbab Tantalum Central Eastern Desert in EGYPT 925,000 Lbs. in slag per year Tantalum Egypt JSC, Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority (EMRA) 50/50% Owned
Globe Metals & Mining (ASX: GBE) Kanyika Niobium Project Mzimba District, MALAWI 180 ppm Ta205 Strategic partnership with East China Minerals Exploration and Development Bureau (ECE),
Globe Metals & Mining (ASX: GBE) Machinga REE Project Zomba, MALAWI Unknown Ta205 known to be here, no studies
Gossan Resources Ltd. (TSX:GSS) Seperation Rapids Kenora, Ontario, CANADA Unknown tantalum, lithium and cesium
Greenlight Resources Inc.(TSXV:GR) Brazil Lake lithium  project. Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, CANADA 0.9% Tantalum This is primarily a lithium deposit
Hudson Resources (TSX.V-HUD) Sarfartoq Carbonatite Complex West Greenland, GREENLAND Unknown Niobium and neodymium are the prime materials
Jourdan Resources (JOR:CVE) Pivert-Stairs Quebec, CANADA 181 ppm Ta205 Tantalum, Lithium and Beryllium Property
Lithex Resources (ASX: LTX) Moolyella Project Marble Bar, WA AUSTRALIA Unknown Auger sampling program

Source: Compiled by Paumanok From Published Reports- Part Two, Next Page…

Owner of The Deposit (Part Two) Deposit Name Deposit Location Estimated Quantity of Tantalum Notes
MDN, Inc. (MDN) Crevier Property Girardville, Quebec Lac-St. Jean, CANADA Unknown 72.5% Owned by MDN, and 27.5% owned by IAMGOLD
Monarques Resources Arques Property Nemaska,, Quebec, CANADA Unknown Tantalum, Niobium and Rare Earth Elements
Nuinsco Resources (TSX:NWI) Prairie Lake, Ontario Prairie Lake, Ontario, CANADA Unknown This is a uranium and niobium deposit, tantalum is present
Pacific Wildcat Resources (TSX: PAW) Muiane Tantalum Project Alto Ligonha pegmatite belt, MOZAMBIQUE 750,000 pounds Ta205 Primarily a tantalum resource
Pacific Wildcat Resources (TSX: PAW) Mrima hill Mombasa, KENYA unknown Primarily a Niobium resource , Some Tantalum
Peak Resources (ASX:PEK) JORC Resource/Ngualia RE Project Southern Tanzania, TANZANIA 137 ppm of Ta205 Niobium and Tantalum discovered through drilling
RAM Resources (ASX:RMR) Motzfeldt Project Near Narsaruaq, GREENLAND 403ppm tantalum SGS Mineral Services Doing the Assessment
RAM Resources (ASX:RMR) Drysdale Prospect Aries, GREENLAND 830 PPM of TA205 This is a high concentration of Ta205
REE International (Pink;REEI) Santa Cruz property Santa Cruz, VENEZUELA Unknown They said they were about to begin selling Ta205 in January 2012
REE International (Pink;REEI) Bolivia BOLIVIA Unknown This was noted in the Citation 29
Solid Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: SRW) Alberta-1(Doade-Presqueiras) North-western SPAIN Unknown SGS United Kingdom Feasibility Study
Tertiary Minerals ( LON:TYM ) Rosendale Tantalum Project Kemiö Island, FINLAND 255ppm Ta2O5 Waiting for the right time to mine the  material
Tertiary Minerals ( LON:TYM ) Ghurayyah Tantalum Project Ghurayyah, SAUDI ARABIA 284 ppm ? AH Algosaibi Bros Co and Al Nahla Trading & Contracting Co (Partner)
Texas Rare Earth Resources Round Top Mountain Project Hudspeth County, Texas, USA <0.046% Tantalum Heavy rare earth elements, niobium, tantalum, gallium
TNR Gold Corp. (TNR) Mavis Lake Project Dryden, Ontario, CANADA 170 PPM TTa205 Mn-tantalite, Mn-columbite and wodginite group
University of New Mexico Harding Pegmatite Mine Dixon, New Mexico, USA Not mined since the 1940’s Donated to the Earth and Planetary Sciences department in 1978 by Dr. Art Montgomery,
Unknown Kougarok prospect Seward Peninsula in Alaska, USA Unknown Tantalum resources in a lithium-fluorine granite
Unknown Caicara Tantalum Project Rio Grande De Norte, BRAZIL 157,000 Pounds of tantalite Ouro Preto and Trigueiro tantalite deposits
Unknown McAllister Resource McAllister, Alabama USA 1.2 MM Pounds Estimated This resource is for sale in 2012. Part of the deposit is under the state highway.

Source: Compiled by Paumanok From Published Reports- This table includes only tantalum deposits.  None of these deposits have been converted into working mines. This table is from the market research report entitled “Tantalum: World Market Outlook: 2012-2017″

Tantalum being processed into capacitors

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