H.C. Starck Reacts To Reversal of Price Trends in Tantalum Raw Materials

Goslar, February 26, 2010 – The effects of the economic crisis and falling tungsten and molybdenum prices led to the temporary closure of some raw material mines. This situation coincided with a decline in recyclable raw materials. The resurgence of industrial production in the second half of 2009 and the end to the reduction of stock levels have prompted a considerable increase in demand. This has resulted in a reversal of price trends and higher quotations of the respective raw materials in recent months. H.C. Starck assumes that this trend will also lead to further increases in quotations similar to rising demand. The tantalum market is currently driven by end industries’ demand for ethically irreproachable material. It has therefore come to a shift in raw material procurement from the Congo regions hit by conflict to other suppliers, which will also lead to price increases. In line with this trend, H.C. Starck will quickly pass on the increase in raw material prices to the end markets and secure supplies.

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