H.C. Starck and Cabot To Allow Mutual Access to Tantalum and Niobium Powder Technology Portions of Their Respective Patent Portfolios

H.C. Starck and Cabot announce patent cross-license agreement on tantalum and niobium products

H.C. Starck (Goslar, Germany) and Cabot Corporation (Boston USA) issued a joint press release January 11, 2011 saying that the two companies “have signed a broad, non-exclusive worldwide patent cross-license agreement allowing mutual access to tantalum and niobium powder technology portions of their respective patent portfolios. This agreement enables each company to independently focus efforts and resources on product innovation and development in vigorous competition.”

The press release further states- “H.C. Starck and Cabot Supermetals have independently built strong patent portfolios through intense R&D efforts on a wide range of powder technologies, in particular of metals, alloys, and oxides based on tantalum and niobium.”

Cabot Corporation and HC Starck each produce tantalum materials for consumption in capacitors, metallurgical products, sputtering targets, superalloys and a variety of related industries.

According to the market research report entitled “Tantalum: Global Market Outlook: 2008-2013” Cabot Corporation and HC Starck’s combined worldwide market share in supply of capacitor related materials in 2008 was 79%.

Source: TANTALUM: Global Market Outlook: 2008-2013 ISBN # 0-929717-81-3 (2008)