GE Studies The Closure of Capacitor Film Operations In Fort Edward, New York

GE Energy said it plans to stop extruding capacitor film for all of its capacitors at the Fort Edward, New York facility, which has been making polypropylene film capacitors for more than 60 years. The company also announced they would stop making smaller power film capacitors and concentrate solely on the production of power transmission and distribution capacitors manufactured from imported capacitor grade polypropylene film. The plant, which employs 200, will adjust to 168 after the closing. The United Electrical Workers of America is challenging GE’s wisdom and is protesting the disbandment of the extrusion line and the disbandment of the industrial grade lower voltage capacitors. GE has stressed that no final decision has been made in the matter, but noted with respect to the extrusion operations that the technology had shifted away from the type produced at Fort Edward.

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