EPCOS Feida Joint Venture Extends AC Film Capacitor Product Range

EPCOS has extended its range of film capacitors for AC applications with the portfolio of its Chinese joint venture EPCOS Feida. These products are used primarily as motor start or motor run capacitors, particularly in the single-phase asynchronous motors of household appliances, air-conditioning systems, compressors, pumps, and other drives.

The extended portfolio covers film capacitors for voltages between 250 V and 630 V AC with capacitance values of between 1 and 120 µF. They are maintenance-free, RoHS-compatible and withstand ambient temperatures of up to 85 °C. Plastic or aluminum cans with various mounting and contact options are available as packages. In addition to standard versions, the EPCOS range includes types to EN 60335-1 and P2 versions to EN 60252-1. The capacitors are available with UL810, VDE, CQC, and TÜV approval.

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