EPCOS Buys Becromal; Begins Foil Production in Iceland

ITALY – EPCOS AG of Germany acquired the remaining 51% interest, which it did not already own, in Becromal SpA, a Milan-based manufacturer of Medium and High Voltage Formed Foils, Low Voltage Formed Foils, Motor Start Foils, Cathode Foils, and Tab Foils for electrolytic capacitors. Terms were not disclosed. Becromal reported FY 2006 revenues of $131 Million USD, the last time data was available for the company. Becromal Iceland, a high tech company, is building a new production factory in Iceland in partnership with Strokkur Energy ehf, an Icelandic investment group. The new factory is located in Akureyri (Krossanes), the capital of northern Iceland which offers an ice-free harbor and competitive, environmentally friendly energy- maintaining one of the lowest prices for electricity per kilowatt hour in the world.

The new plant has been designed to produce the fifth generation of high voltage foils, necessary to allow the increasingly sophisticated applications arising in the market. The new generation foils reduce energy power consumption of electrical and electronic equipments as required by Kyoto protocol and improve the efficiency of new energy generators such as solar cell and windmills. The initial production will begin at the end of autumn 2008 and it will be further on expanded to reach a monthly high voltage foil production of one million of m2 by the end of year 2009.

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