Emerging Economies Will Drive Demand for NTC Thermistor Thermistors To 2015 and Beyond

A new market study by Paumanok Publications, Inc. ties NTC Thermistor Growth To End Markets That Are Expected To Grow Rapidly In Emerging BRIC Economies…

NTC thermistors are unique passive components manufactured from mixed metal oxides for the purpose of providing temperature sensing and compensation, as well as inrush current limiting in a unique combination of end-products.  It is this unique combination of end-product consumption that makes NTC thermistors attractive growth markets in the emerging BRIC economies according to a new market research report from Paumanok Publications, Inc. entitled “NTC Thermistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2011-2016” which was released on January 1, 2012.

NTC thermistors are used in a variety of applications, including; automotive electronics, home appliances, battery chargers, medical electronics and general industrial electronics equipment (such as electric motors) as temperature sensing and compensation devices or as circuit protection devices used for inrush current limiting.  NTC thermistors offer the design engineer a low cost solution to temperature sensing, a high volume of availability and predictable component reliability.

NTC thermistors are manufactured in radial leaded designs that incorporate epoxy molded or glass encapsulated thermistor elements that are easily incorporated into probe assemblies for the automotive, large home appliance and medical equipment markets.  Thermistors are also sold in multilayered chip configurations for direct PCB mounting in digital electronics.  The primary applications are for temperature sensing and compensation, and inrush current limiting.  End market demand is fragmented and dependent upon the number of applications per end-product- with emphasis upon automotive electronic subassemblies, refrigerators and air conditioner units- key end product markets for emerging economies.

Expected Growth In Emerging Economies: 2011-2015

According to Siemens AG, one of the world’s top motor manufacturers, the global GDP spending will grow by 3.8% per year on average between 2010 and 2015 from 48 trillion Euros to 58 trillion Euros, with the largest rates of growth reserved for emerging economies, which will grow by 6.2% on an average annual basis- increasing from 16.3 trillion Euros to 22 trillion Euros between 2010 and 2015 (See Figure 1):

Figure 1
Global GDP Outlook By Region: 2010-2015

REGION                            2010     %          2015     %          CAGR%

Emerging Markets         16.3       34%     22          38%     6.2%

Other Developed              8.2        17%    9.3        16%       2.6%

USA                                     11          23%    12.8      22%      3.0%

Europe                                12.5     26%     13.9      24%       2.0 %

Total GDP                         48       100%    58       100%     3.8%

In Trillions of Euro: Source: Siemens AG

This rapid growth in the emerging economies- Brazil, Russia, India, China, Turkey and Paraguay will spur on growth in demand for large home appliances (especially refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, dryers and stoves) as well as automobiles and medical devices, each key end-use markets for NTC thermistors (See Figure 2)

Figure 2:

Sample NTC Thermistor Usage Volume Per Application for Temperature Sensing (Auto, Appliance, Specialty)

Category                                                     NTC Usage

Automotive                                                15 per vehicle

Large Domestic Appliances                 1–4 per appliance

Small Domestic Appliances                 1 per appliance

General Industrial Electronics            1–2 per package

Medical Electronics                                1–2 per package

Test & Measurement                               1-2 per package

Defense Electronics                                1-2 per package

Source: Paumanok Publications, Inc. Estimates; Derived From Vendor Literature- Applications in large domestic appliances include temperature sensing as well as inrush current limiting for single phase compressor motors.

NTC Thermistor Competitive Environment By End-Use Market Segment: 2011

The following chart illustrates the competitive environment in NTC thermistors by end-use market segment.  The reader will note that the largest competition is in applications for large home appliances and small home appliances, followed by products designed for digital electronic applications.  Competition in the automotive electronic subassembly markets for climate control and liquid level sensing is less intense, as are competition in the medical electronics sector.

Figure 3
NTC Thermistor Competitive Environment By End-Use Market Segment: 2011

Source: Paumanok Publications, Inc. Compiled from Company Data.  EPCOS has joined with TDK to form TDK-EP.  Thermometrics is part of GE Sensing

For more information about the new study from Paumanok Publications, Inc.-   “NTC Thermistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2011-2016”