DKN Research Develops Integral Passive Materials

DKN Research of Haverhill, MA USA, an engineering firm specializing in micro-electronics and packaging technologies, recently developed a new passive component series of printed resistors and capacitors built with fine silver thick film circuits on flexible film substrates for cut and paste applications. This development was made possible through an advanced screen-printing process using special silver inks, carbon inks, dielectric inks and related materials that include substrates and insulating materials. DKN’s Advanced Screen-Printing Technology can produce fine silver traces down to 30 micron lines and spaces for double and multilayer circuits with 80 micron via holes. The conductivity of the new silver traces is one order higher compared to traditional thick film circuits.

Additionally, the new Advanced Screen-Printing Technology makes it possible to build embedded passive components and EL based optical components on flexible substrates. The Advanced Screen-Printing Technology is valuable in building new electronic devices, such as high-density touch panel switches, functional sensor modules, large size signboards, flexible displays and more. The technology is also beneficial to build additional fine conductive traces on other circuit devices including multi-layer rigid boards, flexible circuits, ceramic circuits and monolithic IC chips. Currently, a wide range of ohms is available in the form of printed resistors (from 100 ohms to 10 mega ohms), as well as a large capacitance of picofarads (up to 5000 picofarads) as printed capacitors with fine line silver circuits built on flexible substrates. DKN Research now markets a set of printed resistors and capacitors built on polyimide film. Soldering are recommended for the component’s electrical connections to other circuit boards. This is a fast, easy and convenient way for circuit designers and R&D engineers to build and test a prototype circuit for new electronic devices.