DC Film Capacitors: Shortages Continue To Surprise Industry- October 2010

Lead times for DC film capacitors, which are used primarily in power supplies and lighting ballasts for filtering, interference suppression and snubbing increased by 3.8% on average in September on a month-to-month basis. Shortages of DC film capacitors continued to surprise the industry, with some end-users in the power supply industry reporting that lead-times for certain niche components (mostly high voltage snubbers) at more than 60 weeks. Lead times for axial leaded PET film capacitors and SMD chips (PPS and PEN) increased by 2 weeks on average in September. Primary sources in the industry report that the shortage of DC film capacitors is related to the tightened supply of thin metallized film used as the DC film dielectric; a situation compounded by the exit of Mitsubishi Polyester Materials GmbH from the plastic capacitor film supply chain.

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