Cornell Dubilier’s High-Current, Medium-Power Film Capacitor

Cornell Dubilier announces availability of its new Type 947C high-current medium-power film capacitor for DC filtering to 1200 VDC. It’s an excellent choice for IGBT power filtering and DC-link inverter applications needing lower bus capacitance and high ripple current. DC-link capacitors provide both bulk energy storage and ripple current filtering and many inverters are designed with excess aluminum capacitors across the bus in order to handle the ripple current requirements. The 947C’s higher voltage and current handling readily allows it to replace aluminum electrolytic capacitors in DC-link applications that can use lower bus capacitance, as is typically the case with inverters designed for wind energy, solar, and fuel cell applications supplying to the grid. “The cost per amp of ripple current for film capacitors is about one third of that of aluminum capacitors,” says Scott Franco, Marketing Manager at Cornell Dubilier Electronics.

DC Link Capacitor- Large Can Film Capacitor