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AVX Says Embedded Capacitance Ready For Mass Production

According to Tom Zednicek and Radim Uher of AVX Czech Republic facility in Lanskroun- embedded ceramic capacitor technology has finally begun the important transition to mass production in printed circuit…

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Develops Lithium-Ion Capacitor

In March 2009, the graduate school announced that it developed a Liion
capacitor with negative electrodes made of a composite material of
carbon nanofiber (CNF) and LTO and achieved an energy density about three times higher than that of an electric double layer capacitor using activated carbon.

Taiyo Yuden Introduces World’s First 100μF in EIA 0805 Size Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. has announced the details of the commercial
release of the “AMK212BJ107MG” (2.0×1.25×1.25mm), achieving an
industry-leading capacitance of 100μF in an EIA 0805 size multilayer
ceramic capacitor

NASA Studies Which Type of Conductive Polymer Aluminum Capacitors Perform Best

A study conducted by David Liu and Michael Sampson of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on the performance of conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors has revealed that the physical…

What’s the Hold-Up With The 220-Microfarad Ceramic Chip Capacitor?

A 220 microfarad capacitor has been promised by the ceramic capacitor industry for more then 2 years now, with a promise of it being 18 months away; with X5R prototypes…

Opportunities in Conductive Polymers For Electrolytic Capacitors: 2010

Conductive polymers are used as the cathode material in advanced surface mount electrolytic capacitors and provide the design engineer with an ultra-small discrete component with high relative capacitance and low…

Suzuki SX4 Fuel Cell Vehicle With Braking Capacitor to Make Debut at the Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki will also unveil the SX4 Fuel Cell Vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show. It has a General Motors-produced high performance fuel cell with a Suzuki developed high pressure hydrogen…

Tyco Electronics Expands ESD Protection Portfolio With Industry’s Smallest 0201 Package

Tyco Electronics has added three new devices to its line of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection devices. Included in this launch is an 0201-sized Silicon ESD (SESD) device, which is approximately…

Kemet Selected To Receive a Department of Energy Recovery Act Grant To Build A Capacitor Plant in South Carolina, USA

KEMET Corporation a leading manufacturer of tantalum, multilayer ceramic, solid aluminum, plastic film, paper and electrolytic capacitors, today learned that the company has been selected as one of thirty companies…

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