CARTS International 2013 – Extreme Environments

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CARTS International 2013 bring industry expertise to energy applications

Atlanta, GA – CARTS International 2013 brings its expertise in electronic component technologies for high temperature, high reliability to the center – Houston, TX –  for energy exploration applications.  Many designers and engineers are requiring electronics that can operate reliably in harsh environments including the extremely high temperatures for downhole applications found in the gas and oil industries.   In addition, CARTS will present applications of electronic component technologies for alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal plus harsh environments in the automotive and aerospace industries.

This year’s keynote presentation will be given by David Evans, President and founder of Evans Capacitor.   Evans, inventor of hybrid electrolytic-electrochemical capacitor technology, has more than 25 year’s experience in the field of electrochemcial capacitors and has been awarded 15 U.S. patents in the areas of high energy density capacitors.  Evans is also the author of numerous technical papers, an international speaker, and the innovator in the use of high energy density capacitors applications.  His company is a solutions pioneer in the use of technologies for advanced medical, military, transportation, and communications applications.

CARTS combines the focus of three international regional events into the premier technical conference for the world’s passive electronic components industry. Reflecting the culture of today’s interconnected global economies, CARTS International assembles industry experts from all regions of the world markets in one place to share and exchange technical expertise with manufacturers, users and academia in the electronics industry

CARTS International is sponsored by the Electronic Components Industry Association.

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