Capacitors and Inductor Lead-Times Up; Resistors Down Through October 2010

During the month of October 2010, lead times for capacitors and inductors increased, while the time it takes for resistors to reach the customer decreased (Graph 1.2). Lead-times for capacitors increased by 1.63% month-to-month in October; while lead-times for inductors increased by a notable 5.2% during the same 30 day time period. However, lead-times for resistors declined by a slight 0.6%, marking the first time in 2010 that any of the core passive component product groupings showed a slowdown.

Graph 1.2: Lead-Times For Passive Electronic Components By Core Product Group (CRL): 2010 Paumanok
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Lead Times In Weeks For Passive Components By Type: March 2010-October 2010

Lead Time From The Manufacturer To The Buyer For Capacitors, Resistors & Inductors: 2010 Index

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