Bourns Acquires Fultec’s TBU Circuit Protection Technology

RIVERSIDE, CA—Bourns, Inc. is pleased to announce its purchase of the Transient Blocking Unit of Fultec Semiconductor, Inc. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Fultec Semiconductor’s Transient Blocking Unit (TBU), headquartered in Mountain View, California, designs and manufactures surge protection components and modules primarily for communications applications. According to Dr. Erik Meijer, Vice President of Circuit Protection for Bourns, this acquisition provides Bourns with a unique offering that complements its extensive existing portfolio of protection products and protection technologies and further strengthens Bourns’ position as a leading supplier of circuit protection components and solutions. Dr. Meijer noted that Bourns has over 30 years of market experience built on a combination of innovative internally developed products and product line acquisitions, such as Joslyn Electronics’ communication protection products business, Power Innovations’ thyristor surge protector business, and Texas Instruments’ solid state Telecom protection business. “Bourns is committed to supplying the best and most reliable electronic solutions to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. New component technology introductions in the circuit protection arena are rare and we are very excited to add the Transient Blocking Unit to our broad range of protection technologies,” said Dr. Meijer. James Witham, President and CEO of Fultec Semiconductor, Inc. said, “This combination is the ideal solution for Fultec and our customers who will now benefit from not only superior circuit protection but also having access to Bourns’ extensive global sales and technical support network. Our team is excited about joining Bourns and the new opportunities for the TBU business.”

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