Bencent Announces Release of BM351M-1 SMD Power Gas Discharge Tube (P-GDT)

Bencent announces release of new power gas discharge tube (P-GDT) BM351M-1.

Product Features:

  1. High current handling capability: 20KA 8/20us.
  2. High arcing voltage of < 20Vdc.
  3. Short circuit current “cutting “ capability nicknamed “non-follow-current GDT”.
  4. SMD type for fast and efficient SMT process.

Typical Applications

  1. Power System of Base Stations
  2. Photovoltaic Solar Systems
  3. Other Outdoor Power Systems

Product specification sheet for BM series.

Note: This product has been approved by Samsung.

For more information please contact:

Overseas Marketing Manager
Shenzhen Bencent Electronics Limited
T: +886-3-5837459