AVX Develops First “C” Case Tantalum Chip With Conductive Polymer Cathode at 35 Vdc.

Designed for applications with line voltages up to 28V, the new TCJseries of surface-mount polymer tantalum capacitors has been announced by AVX,. The new parts are suitable for DC-DC converters supplying power for LCD TVs, base stations, rectifiers, switching hubs, routers and line filters, as well as LED power drivers in PC monitors, and LED TVs. The 35V TCJ capacitors also exhibit low ESR and require derating by only 20% (up to
85C), enabling them to be used at 28V for applications such as railways. Polymer tantalum capacitors offer several benefits. They are suitable for higher power output circuits as they work at a higher line voltage; they may also withstand higher ripple currents thanks to polymer tantalum low ESR technology. As the cathode layer is made of conductive polymer there are no free oxygen molecules which can be easily released. Therefore
capacitors are more robust against overloading and ignition enabling voltage derating to be as low as 20%. Delivering industry’s highest operating voltage (35V) for a tantalum c a p a c i t o r with a conductive polymer cathode, the new TCJ capacitors features a lowprofile design which, together with the higher operating voltage,
reduction in parts count and flexibility in board layout, also aids the design of thin products such as ultra slim monitors. More, the new tantalum parts are more stable than MLCC capacitors which can also cause an audible noise (piezoelectric effect) due to the ripple voltage in the line. With an operating temperature range of -55C to +105C, TCJ capacitors undergo aging and screening processes to assure high reliability, achieving a low failure
rate. AVX is the first company to have released a high-voltage, p/n device with a nominal capacitance rating of 10μF and rated voltage of 35V in the C case size (6mm x 3.2mm x 2.6mm) – thereby delivering the smallest part of its type available. TCJ capacitors also f e a t u r e a h a l o g e n – f r e e , environmentally-compliant design,
says the company.

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