Acquisition of Power Electronics Division of C&D Technologies, Inc.

KYOTO, JAPAN—Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., announced it has signed an agreement with C&D Technologies, Inc. to acquire its Power Electronics Division (PED). The acquisition will be finalized during the first half of FY 2007 upon receiving all necessary legal and regulatory approvals and after fulfillment of the necessary condition of the acquisition contract. C&D Technologies is a power system specialist with its headquarters in the USA. It consists of three divisions: Standby Power Division, Motive Power Division, and the aforementioned Power Electronics Division. The main PED office is located in Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA, and it develops, manufactures, and sells electric components including DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, inductors, and transformers. It commands an especially high market share for DC/DC converters. Under the terms of the agreement, Murata will become the sole owner of the PED business through the acquisition of the six subsidiaries of C&D Technologies, which together
constitute the PED business.