Monthly Archives: April 2010

AVX Says Embedded Capacitance Ready For Mass Production

According to Tom Zednicek and Radim Uher of AVX Czech Republic facility in Lanskroun- embedded ceramic capacitor technology has finally begun the important transition to mass production in printed circuit…

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Develops Lithium-Ion Capacitor

In March 2009, the graduate school announced that it developed a Liion
capacitor with negative electrodes made of a composite material of
carbon nanofiber (CNF) and LTO and achieved an energy density about three times higher than that of an electric double layer capacitor using activated carbon.

Taiyo Yuden Introduces World’s First 100μF in EIA 0805 Size Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. has announced the details of the commercial
release of the “AMK212BJ107MG” (2.0×1.25×1.25mm), achieving an
industry-leading capacitance of 100μF in an EIA 0805 size multilayer
ceramic capacitor

Noventa Resumes Tantalum in Mozambique- April 2010

Noventa has announced that tantalum concentrate production has resumed at its Marropino mine in Mozambique following, and the company is now looking into a Toronto Stock Exchange listing. The production…

New Tantalum Study Reaffirms Looming Metal Shortage

A new study by Paumanok Publications, Inc. entitled “Tantalum Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2010-2015” has reaffirmed that a shortage of the rare metal used in capacitor anodes, sputtering…

Yageo Reports 68% Increase in Year-On-Year First Quarter 2010 Sales

Yageo Corporation (TAIEX: 2327 TW) announced April 13th its first quarter net sales of NT$ 6,270 million, up 68% y-o-y and 15% q-o-q. Gross margin continued to rise to 26.9%,…

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